Victoria Credit Union Ltd

Branch Title: Victoria Credit Union Ltd  
Opening Hours:  Thur 7.30 -8.30pm

Information: Victoria C.U. Meets every Thursday evening in the premises of the Victoria Orange Hall 24 Curran Rd Larne. Loans administered on the 1st. 3rd. 5th. Thursdays of each month.

The Victoria Credit Union  is small in comparison to some other credit unions however this dosen't mean that it hasn't been succesful. 

Our members have been paid out Dividends year after year while at the same time lending out hundreds of thousands of pounds to our members.

The committee meets regularly to monitor our progress and take decisions for the benifit of the membership. It is hoped that by using this mini web site we can improve our profile and encourage members and others to make use of our facilities thereby steadily increasing our membership and improve our preformance.

It should be noted that this Credit Union is run by an elected committee and there are no paid employees, which allows all profits to be put back into the the Union and is reflected in our annual dividend.

If you are interested in finding out more you are very welcome to come and see us. There is always someone there willing to give advice.

Contact: Victoria Credit Union Victoria Orange Hall 24 Curran Rd. Larne BT401BU. Mob. No. 07934891120.