Slemish n tha Braid Credit Union Ltd

Slemish n tha Braid Credit Union Ltd

Slemish n tha Braid Credit Union Ltd

Opening Hours:

Tuesday 10.00am - 11.00am

Lewis Park, Ballykeel 2, Ballymena

 Wednesday 10.00am-12 noon

The Raglan, 20-24 Queen St, Harryville, Ballymena

Thursday  7.00pm - 8.00pm                

The Raglan, 20-24 Queen St, Harryville, Ballymena

Connor Orange Hall, Connor Kells

Cullybackey Orange Hall, Main Street, Cullybackey


Friday 6.30 - 7.30pm            

Broughshane House, Main Street, Broughshane.



Saturday 10.00 - 12 noon

The Raglan, 20-24 Queen St, Harryville


Identification Requirements for Membership

Photo ID: Address ID:
Current Driving Licence Utility Bill
Current EU Passport Current Medical Card
Current Electoral Card Inland Revenue/Pension Correspondence
Current Works Pass Benefit Correspondence
  Bank Building Society Statement

Welcome to SLEMISH n tha BRAID Credit Union Ltd.

"walcome tae SLEMISH n tha BRAID Credit Union"

"Wirkin thegither fer a' tha fowk"


SLEMISH n tha BRAID Credit Union Ltd was formed on the 1st October 2007. It was the merging of two credit unions, Braid Credit Union Ltd and Slemish Credit Union Ltd who, although having their own history, have the one aim and that is to give the local area that covers their Common Bond a service by giving them a means to save and affordable loans to people who would find it hard to get this service in the high street.

In August 2015 we opened our new bespoke office in Harryville, Ballymena in a 350k investment in the area.

Come and visit us there!

not for profit
not for charity
but for service
in every Credit Union
ownership is CO-OPERATIVE
control is DEMOCRATIC
focus is MUTUAL

A Credit Union is a group of people who join together to save money and then loan it out to each other at a small cost. This is called a "common bond" - the common bond can be work mates, union members, council estates, whole towns, or in our case "anyone who lives or works within the defined area".

The whole ethos behind Credit Unions is a local group of people helping each other. By doing this it also strengthens the local economy as people can buy extras or use local firms and this in turn builds more jobs as its presence affects the whole area. Unlike a conventional Bank a Credit Union is run by the people who use it - "a true shareholder democracy" in action!

It is a conventional and safe way to put some money away for the future and for young savers to get into the habit of saving for the future.

You are protected by loan insurance for free and no-one takes on your debt after your bereavement and your shares are passed on to your nominated beneficiary.

We would like to thank all of our VOLUNTEERS without them we would not be here today.

For more information please visit our website at

Contact: The Raglan, 20-24 Queen St, Harryville,Ballymena, BT42 2BD

Tel: 028 25648641  Mobile: 07763118802 (9.00am to 5.00pm)

Email:  Slemishnthabraid Creditunion @SntBCreditUnion.

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